Friday, May 1, 2009

Elementary - a-lam-ant-tR

lam - to delight, to enjoy in sex,

ram - to delight, to arrest, to couple, to arrest,

alam -Indicative, later forms are 'aram' - enough, sufficient, sufficient, adequate, competent.
It could be prefix "aa" which means towards, that state of enjoyment or sufficiency, or as "a" which means "not to indulge too much but sufficient to carry on".

aram - Indicative readily, fitly, suitably.

ant - Strong suffix for Present Participle.

tR - Agent Suffix - as an Agent Noun carrying out noun.

ya - suffix to give "ness" form, some thing that makes you carry as an agent noun which symbolizes with enough, sufficient, adequate, readily, fitly, suitable - basically an elemenetary knowledge.