Friday, April 18, 2008

Thackery, Thacker, Thatcher - Thackery, Thackeray, Thakur Thakoor,Thakury,

Those of who have learnt Music or have an ear for music, can always spot a piece or a sequence of musical notes copied/pirated from other parts of the world or time.

Parallel creations do happen but the consistent pattern of "parallelism" in the sounds of the names is statistically improbable to explain so many coincidences which is not explained by the modern science or the history of man.

"k", "c" some time have the sounds, like "kitty" and "catty". Then "c" can also be aspirated as "ch" and mixed with "sh" sound. Like Korus and Chorus for the same names.

"ker" -> "cer" -> "cher" -> "sher". For Thatcher, the pronunciation has been always "t" missing.
And there is a Sanskrit rule where "t" or "k" is always added with the "sibilants" like "s, sh, and Sh" but not pronounced - like in the case of "Kshatri" for the warrior class.