Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Ancient Greeks and Romans Worshipped AUM

There are 3 words that give us the clue, besides Greek being Sanskrit's daughter or sister, depending on whom you ask, and Latin is Greek's daughter.

I have often found that the languages of countries closer to India, like Russia, are more closer to Sanskrit.

AUM is also written as OM, as A+U = O.

The 3 words are: OM-ni-present, OM-ni-scient, and OM-ni-potent - the three attributes of the Super Soul or AUM.

AUM is Brahman. 

AUM is Sat-Chit-Anand or (Ultimate and Everlasting) Truth- (Final Summum Bonum, Sentient and Ultimate Knower) Consciousness- and (Constant Elixir) Bliss

Scient - is Summum Bonum, Sentient and Ultimate Knower or the "Chit".

Potent - is Constant Elixir which wipes all Cycle of Temporary Lasting Sorrow and Happiness (it is beyond happiness) and the word Potion goes to it.  It is medicinal. It makes one immortal as one identifies oneself with the pure soul - without any desire, without any karma, and without any memory, when individual soul merges with the super-soul.

Now we will parse Present.  There is a saying that the present is the present!  This is to remind us to live in the present.  In Sanskrit, present is 'pra-saad'.  One can see the corruption going on, e.g., pra => pre. saad -> se(n)t, as "t" and "d" are also related.  "present" is also "pre-set" as per the Karma Theory, another word for Destiny or Fortune.  Past Karmas express themselves in this or coming lives. The karma of this life, or the right ful action (desire-less, ego-less) with rightful knowledge (knowing the Truth), can pre-empt the past Karmas.

The root "brah" means to expand. There are two kinds of Space. One is Geometric Space which was always there,  Then there is a Physical Space which is full of Prana or Dark Energy.  Science has found this to be ever increasing, and this is what Brahman means, applying to both (as two are described to explain the static and dynamic nature of the same).  The ultimate truth is Brahman and it is the Space.

It is only the Space which is present as presence, and present as given.  This is the Om-ni-present and present all over over.