Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vivid - vividh, Run - rUN (go, river), Red - rudh, Phrygian/Fringe - Firangi

To be vivid or to see vivid means to see all possible angles or colors or details - like communicating with many different approaches and appeals to different senses.  Sanskrit "vividh" means the same.

Run means to go fast - perhaps like a River.  Sanskrit "rN" means to go. "ruNa" was a name of river during Mahabharat times flowing into River Sarswati.

Red - Rudh means Red.

Phyrgian - Language spoken in Asia Munor and Antolia (where Hittites and Mittites) lived.  This borders between Greek and Indo-Persian Language.  In Hindi Firangi means Foreigner or White Man.  Fringe means bordering something.