Monday, October 13, 2008

Kashkari - Kashmiri Brahmin

Kash-Kari - Moment I heard the name, I knew I was looking at some ancient but uncommon Indian surname, and then I went to Wikipedia, and was not surprised to see that the man in the news, related to US Treasury 7 Billion bailout, is of Indian origin!

kAri -> One who does something by profession

kSa -> Protector of the field, cultivator, destruction of the world, demon, 4rth incarnation of Vishnu, lightning.

kSA -> earth

kaSa -> rubbing, touchstone (alchemist), assay

kaSA-> astringent, potion, fragrant, decoction, ointment, perfuming, brown red color, teacher, attachment, emotion, passion, dulness, stupidity, sin, decay, degeneracy

kASa -> cheeks

kASA -> brown red color, of teacher

kash -> strike, whip

So most probably, it points to someone whose inheritance goes to Brahmin Ayurvedic Doctor, or Whip Maker, Goldsmith, Teaching Profession, or Royal class connected with Fields.

Since his ancestors must have borne the extra burden of carrying on with their religion of their ancestors, and not converting to Islam, it is more likely that he is of Brahmin descent, plus one could not be that wrong, considering, he has an impeccable educational credentials.