Saturday, September 22, 2007

Isis, Jesus, Isha, Isha Masi

People often say "J" as "Y", like Yamuna and Jamuna. Jews and Greeks very often did this.

The siblants, dental "s", palatal "sh", and cerbral "sh" and even comound sibilant, "ksh", are often mixed up, the last one with "k" and "ch" or "sh". My other postings talk about this.

Isis - Egyptian God, son of Solar God Horous, where in first posting I have shown Horous is nothing but same as Chorus and Suresh. He is depicted as black as I recall from my readings.

Jesus - Christ

Isha - Sanskrit word for Lord, someone desired, worshiped, beloved or to be given a sacrifice.

Isha Masi - Name for Jesus in India and among Gnostics and ancients Jews.